Red Rock Kennel Parson Russell Terrier and Miniature American Shepherd Puppies

Below are the Red Rock Parson Russell and Miniature American Shepherd puppies for sale to qualified homes.

"Lacey" x "KnockOut" Puppies

Patchworks Sheeza Doll, "Lacey"

Clear for everything except PRA

AKC Ch. Peaceful Acres Sparked A KnockOut, "KnockOut"

Clear for Everything OFA Good
Elbows Normal

We are expecting 6 to 7 pups. We could get all 4 colors and Blue Eyed Tri's. The litter is expected Feb. 9th 2016. We are starting a wait list now that puppies are confirmed.

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Guardianship of another animal is a major responsibility and a long-term commitment. You may share 10-20 years of your life with the Parson Russell Terrier puppy that you acquire. In order for me to evaluate your suitability to have one of my beloved Parson Russell Terriers, you must complete the APPLICATION TO ACQUIRE RED ROCK PARSON RUSSELL. Then once application is complete, go to my Contact Page, to either send to me via e-mail or US mail.

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