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Parson Russell Terrier My name is Karen Raduziner of Apple Valley, California. I am the Owner/Breeder of Red Rock Kennel. Red Rock Kennel is located at our two acre mountain side home in beautiful Southern California. To give you a little background, I have been involved in the sport of purebred dogs since the age of sixteen. I got my first Parson Russell (formally known as the Jack Russell) in 1982, when introduced to the breed by a good friend of mine, Ms. Suzette Crozier.

Red Rock Kennels is a small kennel and a hobby/passion for me. I do not have a large kennel of dogs or high volume of puppies produced. I might only have a few litters a year. However, the Terriers that I raise are high in quality and make wonderful family members. I take great care in planning each and every litter with always the goal of improving the breed.

Breeder Since 1982

Parson Russell Terriers Karen has been breeding and raising exceptional Terriers for show, performance and companion, and is dedicated to preserving the working terrier, as well as companion dog.

To date, Karen has finished about 50 champions, which she has bred or co-bred. Many of her dogs have been placed in show and family pet homes throughout the US, including Canada and several countries in Europe. She strives to breed a healthy, tough and beautiful terrier with correct conformation, good temperament, high intelligence and true instincts. Then she feels that her efforts have been more than rewarded.

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